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Things I've Thought and Often Said

The House of jeffness.org

1 January
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Jeff Jones
The House Of Jeffness

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© 2006 Jeff Jones

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Jazz, blues and standards,mixed with a touch of tomorrow.
lo-fi: dial-up
hi-fi: broadband

1 My Funny Valentine

2 Green Dolphin Street

3 Sugar

4 Once In A While

5 Easy Living

6 Sunny Side Of The Street

7 The Little Brown Family

8 Little sunflower

9 Just friends

10 Out Of Now Here

11 Star Eyes

12 Somewhere Over The Rainbow

13 Blues for J.W.

14 The Party's Over



My name is Jeff Jones.I would like to speak to you about the
of working together to market your products,and collaborate on ways
to get
more exposure of indie artists who are at various stages of
in their careers in entertainment.

In order to maximize creativity and offer the best service,it is our
to develop a talent bank,or a corterie of individuals with unique and
diverse talents who desire to find a way to showcase their talent.

I have created a web store,and I am in the process of lauching an
radio station to promote these artists.

I would like to offer your product on a page of my store.

I have recorded my tenor sax over a sample to demonstrate how this
could provide training,as well as demo material to enable artists to
and learn by doing in studio projects that would not be possible

Please visit my site at www.jeffness.org,and my colaborators at

Hopefully,I can create a conduit that leads talent from idea to
using independent producers at every phase of development.

This project will be seeking completion funding from arts ,and
governmental funding sources.

Please send your contact info to my email.info@jeffness.org

Thank you for your consideration,
Jeff Jones
The House Of Jeffness
510 228 8996