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May 2013

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Labor participation numbers indicate that the number of Americans actively seeking jobs has dropped drastically.

This indicates that people in large numbers are beginning to give up.

There has been too much partisan bickering in Washington. People are looking for leadership, instead they are given an unending stream of crisis after crisis with no resolution in sight.

I believe that people are losing hope in our ability to solve our own problems.


In my hometown of Oakland California, a project is being built that will create jobs and contribute to the local economy.

The only problem with this is that it is being funded by China.

After being bailed out by the American public why is it that American bankers could not see the wisdom of funding shovel ready projects such as this. Our money is being wasted by banks who refuse to fund worthy projects.

Refusing to make capital investments puts this nation in dire straits.

We may soon be owned by China.

We need a grand huge project like the ones during the depression that built dams, bridges and highways, and the national Park system.

This nation has faced such terrible perilous times again and again over it's history. American hands and backs fueled the engine of American industry. Because of changing technology we now have to rely on American ingenuity. This will require education on a huge scale. This investment in people cannot wait.

The capital investments in projects that make jobs for people must become our highest priority. If it does not,we risk pulling the temple down upon our own heads.

FDR, Teddy Roosevelt, Wilson, Lincoln, none of these consulted population popularity polls before taking bold action.

Mostly they were hated and distrusted for their policies.

But now we marvel at our parks, at the state of our industries, even as they crumble from decades of neglect,and the wonder that is our highway system.

This could not be without bold ideas and strong resolve.

It is time for leadership to point the way toward the best expenditure of our treasure to be invested in our own people,

and in the rebuilding of our infrastructure.

Putting people to work and training them for the future is the only way out of our present situation.

If our leaders cannot find suitable projects to meet these needs,

then it is indeed time for new leadership. The time is now...
Jeff Jones
The House of jeffness